Biogas Upgrading
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NeoZeo manufactures Modular Biogas Upgrading equipment for the production of high-value biomethane – clean gas vehicle fuel – from raw biogas produced on farms or from municipal waste. To learn more about NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Modules and request a Quote, please proceed to out new website:


Based on world class inventions in the preparation of durable adsorbent materials, NeoZeo has developed a cost-efficient upgrading solution to tap the great potential source of clean biogas fuel: farms and small towns - the biomethane gas wells of the future!

Raw biogas comprises a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), in addition to some other minor components such as H2O, H2S, and siloxanes. These other components can be removed by our equipment. NeoZeo's complete and integrated Biomethane Production solution includes: preconditioning of raw biogas: e.g. removal of impurities, droplets and siloxanes; desulphurisation; separation of CO2; separation of H2O; and distribution of pure biomethane to gas fuel stations.

NeoZeo biogas upgrading modules are suitable for small- and mid-sized flows of raw biogas produced on farms and in small towns and villages, where raw biogas flow is between 10 and 200 Nm3/hour. Larger biogas flows can be upgraded using NeoZeo' biogas upgrading design on a skid or utilizing more than one module. NeoZeo biogas purification process relies on uniquely-developed adsorbent materials and is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology principles that are particularly applicable to small-scale raw biogas producers - small agricultural enterprises and municipalities.


NeoZeo Upgrading equipment has modular design and fits into a standard 20ft-long sea container. The Pressure Swing Adsorption unit is placed inside the container along with other functional parts of the module.

PSA module for biogas upgradingmodule with pressure swing adsorption unit for upgrading of biogas

3D model of the Pressure Swing Adsorption unit:

PSA unit for biogas upgrading


Key benefits of NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Module:

  • Enables value-added revenue generation from sale of pure biomethane as vehicle fuel
  • Generates a higher profit margin compared to selling biomethane-fuelled electricity
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Water-free upgrading process.
  • Mobility and security – all equipment for Biogas Upgrading is placed inside a 20’ standard sea container for easy transportation and equipment security.
  • Shorter return your investment compared to other biogas upgrading solutions.