NeoZeo has two offices. One is in Stockholm, Sweden for NeoZeo AB and second is in Riga, Latvia for "NeoZeo" SIA

NeoZeo is a progressive company, offering consulting in range of material chemistry and gas separation.

Our team consists of international experts. We can solve your problem, based on a deep and fundamental understanding of the various technologies, processes and materials. We provide cutting-edge solutions in gas separation, nanoparticles, dispersions and material processing.

NeoZeo provides on request basic expertise for gas separation applications to achieve the best technical solutions.

NeoZeo maintains a close relationship with manufacturers of Zeolitic Molecular Sieves (ZMS). We can supply different adsorbent materials in combination with know-how and expertise.

Do you have a high-tech solution/idea but luck specific expertise?

Do you have a specific inquiry from your partner or customer in a research or scientific area?

Do you want to find a market solution for your problem?


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