About NeoZeo

NeoZeo was established in 2010 as a spin-off NeoZeo AB company from Arrhenius laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden.

In 2012, NeoZeo has opened new office and new company NeoZeo SIA in Riga, Latvia.

NeoZeo has state of the art knowledge and expertise on porous materials for gas separation and particularly for the separation of carbon dioxide from methane (which is called biogas upgrading).

NeoZeo derives from several years’ research in materials chemistry at Stockholm University in Sweden, a leading research environment on porous materials. NeoZeo has developed unique zeolite adsorbents and continues R&D to improve the performance of its gas separation technology.


NeoZeo's products:

  • NeoZeo has developed a small scale biogas upgrading module to produce biogas vehicle fuel at farms.Our biogas purification technology is based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principles and is particularly applicable to small-scale raw biogas producers e.g. farms and small towns and villages. Based on world class inventions in the preparation of durable adsorbent materials, NeoZeo has developed a cost-efficient upgrading solution to tap that great potential source of clean biogas fuel: farms and small towns, the biomethane gas wells of the future! Raw biogas comprises a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), in addition to some other minor components such as H2O, H2S, and siloxanes. These other components can be removed by our equipment.

  • Design of structured porous macroscopic bodies/materials

  • NeoZeM- Macroporous zeolite supports for production of inorganic/zeolite membranes


NeoZeo focuses on following areas:

  • Utilizing unique volume efficient adsorbents for biogas upgrading. NeoZeo has developed a small scale biogas upgrading module to produce biogas vehicle fuel at farms, the gas wells of the future!

  • Structuring porous and nano powders into porous macroscopic bodies with high mechanical stability and without binders for gas separation and catalytic.

    NeoZeo develops and owns technologies. NanoMonolith technology is the first developed technology owned by NeoZeo. NeoZeo has a production facility of structured adsorbents for high-end applications.

  • Consultancy - particularly porous materials and gas separation.