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NeoZeo has received funding from Rural Development Programme in Sweden.

NeoZeo has received funding for project "Fostering decentralized biomethane production at farms producing less than 300 Nm3/h of raw biogas”. The project run by Rural Development Programme (landsbygdsprogrammet ) 2014-2020 within the “Agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI)”. The Programme is financed in part by funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. NeoZeo will form an innovative group who will explore the possibilities to upgrade raw biogas at the level of small and medium farms. The team efforts are expected to increase the production of biomethane in agriculture, and increase the overall production and sale of biofuels in Sweden!


NeoZeo has received Vinnova funding!

NeoZeo has received Vinnova funding of 500 000 Swedish krona under the "Call for Strategic Innovation Agenda of the process of industrial IT and automation – Piia.". NeoZeo as coordinator will develop together with Ayond AB and Biogas Öst AB a Biomethane web-platform to promote biomethane usage as vehicle fuel. This project is expected not only to increase the local biogas and biomethane production but as well promote the Swedish biogas market growth!

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NeoZeo is in Sao-Paulo, Brazil on 16-21 October, 2016. Meet us in Sao-Paulo, Brazil on 16-21 October, 2016.

NeoZeo will take part in the Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil and Matchmaking Mission on Biogas & Biomethane in Sao Paulo, on the 17-21 October, 2016, as part of the Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil (LCBA). LCBA is a European Union-funded initiative that aims to contribute to sustainable development and greening of Brazilian industries through the adoption of low emission technology. The Project promotes business partnerships between European SMEs and Brazilian companies, and strengthens cooperation between industry clusters and other industry organisations. We are looking forward to meeting you in Sao Paulo!

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NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Module is currently in UK - Welcome to Visit!

From 11th till 15th of July, 2016, NeoZeo’s Biogas Upgrading Module will be located at the Biogen site in Biogen Merevale, Merevale Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2LA, UK. Don’t hesitate to book a visit to check out our Biogas Upgrading Module! Simply call +44 07767914512 and our expertise team members, Valentin and Kristine will be happy to arrange the visit details. Looking forward to seeing you!

NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Module at Biogen site in UK
Photo: NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Module at Biogen site in UK, during 11-15th July 2016, Biogen Merevale, Merevale Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2LA, UK.

NeoZeo is awarded Horizon 2020 Funding!

NeoZeo joins the best, most innovative European SME’s in receiving funding of € 50,000 from the Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument. Out of the total 2057 applications received by the European Commission under Phase 1 this past November, only 189 SMEs were selected to receive funds to develop a total of 174 projects, which means the success rate of the funded proposals were less than 9%!

More statistics show that from the total 1995 applications, only 47 came from Sweden, and just 3 of these received funding. Within NeoZeo’s particular research area, Innovation for low carbon energy system, only 27 received funding out of 206 applications submitted.

The Swedish Energy Agency Pre-planning Grant earlier won by NeoZeo contributed to achieving this important milestone in the company’s business development goals.

NeoZeo aims to continue to the 2nd Phase of instrument, and receive additional €2.5 million from the EU, in order to create and successfully apply the commercialization strategy that would place NeoZeo as a key innovative player in the world biomethane market. NeoZeo plans that by 2023, in 5 years after project completion, its biogas upgrading plant will yield an income of just under €20 million, and generate about 55 new jobs.

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Welcome to visit NeoZeo's Biogas Upgrading Module in Uppsala, Sweden!
We are following up with more information on our Biogas Upgrading Demonstration site. If you are interested to visit the module, check the most recent available dates, location and further contacts in the links below:

Innovative Biogas Upgrading Module (English) Innovativ Biogas Uppgradering (Swedish)


NeoZeo's Biogas Upgrading Demonstration Site is now in Uppsala, Sweden!
Exciting news! NeoZeo has set up a demonstration site for its Biogas Upgrading Module in Sweden, only 70 km distance from Stockholm, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), near Uppsala. For those interested, simply drop us a message to arrange a visit to our demonstration site. Looking forward to seeing you!
NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Demonstration Site at SLU, Lövsta near Uppsala, Sweden (April 2016)
Photo: NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Demonstration Site at SLU, Lövsta near Uppsala, Sweden (April 2016)

Prospective on the Latvian biomethane market by Kristine Rugele (RTU)!
Kristine Rugele, the RTU researcher working together with NeoZeo in optimizing the biogas upgrading process for small flows of biogas, gave an insightful interview for the popular Latvian news portal, regarding Latvian biogas and biomethane market, where she encourages government policies and programs that would further support the use of biomethane as a green vehicle fuel.
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NeoZeo is a proud partner in a new ambitious project - HiGradeGas!
NeoZeo is proud to be a partner within the HiGradeGas project funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark! The project received 14.8 million DKK investment from IFD, and aims to find new ways to upgrade and store biogas using highly structured materials. The main goal is to design, install and test the demonstration unit which will showcase and develop a process that ensures optimum performance of nanostructured materials. These materials represent the absorbent in the biogas upgrading process, and by optimizing their performance, small scale biogas upgrading will become economically viable. HiGradeGas is managed by Andreas Kaiser, a senior researcher from DTU Energy. Within the consortium, NeoZeo partners with Danish Power Systems, Rambøll Danmark and EngiCer, as well as research institutions such as Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Southern Denmark, Stockholm University, Luleå University of Technology and Sintef.
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NeoZeo on the first car in Latvia to use 100% produced biomethane!

Together with researchers from Riga Technical University (RTU), NeoZeo has achieved another milestone in our work to create an innovative facility that allows upgrading biogas into biomethane, one of the greenest vehicle fuels, as well as promote and contribute to significantly reducing green gas emissions and pollution! The first car to run on 100% biomethane in Latvia already had its test drive this March. The car is powered by high value biomethane produced with NeoZeo’s biogas upgrading module “NeoBioGas-70", which is fully equipped with the necessary facilities. A complete filling of the tank with biomethane is sufficient for the car to cover approximately 250 km.
First Car on Biomethane NeoZeo Latvia
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NeoZeo participates in the PlasCarb Project!


NeoZeo will participate and offer its innovative biogas upgrading technology equipment to the collaborative action PlasCarb funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) "Environment" Theme! During the project, NeoZeo will cooperate with technology innovation centres, clean tech start-ups and leading experts in environment industries such as: P A Moody recycling limited, the Centre for process innovation limited and Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd, England, as well as Gasplas AS, Norway, among others. The PlasCarb Project on the “Innovative plasma based transformation of food waste into high value graphitic carbon and renewable hydrogen” will transform biogas generated by anaerobic digestion of food waste using an innovative low energy microwave plasma process to split biogas (methane) into high value graphitic carbon and renewable hydrogen (RH2). As part of the project the quality and economic value of the carbon and RH2 will be optimised using high quality research and industrial process engineering. These efforts will further reinforce Europe's leading position in environmental technologies and innovation in high value Carbon.

NeoZeo at the Biogas Tinget 2015!

NeoZeo will present its biogas upgrading module at the Biogas Tinget 2015, on December the 2nd, at the prestigious Nalen in Stockholm. During the day there will also be engaging discussions regarding the local benefits of utilizing biogas, what are the ways to increase biogas production and reach a fossil-free road transportation in Sweden. Join us and take part of this exciting event!
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Petr Vasiliev, CEO of NeoZeo AB was chosen among Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs by the ÅForsk foundation and SISP!

Mission: NeoZeo's biogas upgrading module offers a novel solution to tap into the Largest unexplored potential for Producing Biomethane: farms and small towns. NeoZeo developed a mobile, moonrise transportable biogas upgrading module fitted into a standard-size sea container Which ensures its quick start-up and economical use even for small volumes (50-300 Nm3 / hour) of raw biogas. The produced Biomethane is a renewable vehicle fuel for local usage that will help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.
New Research Article by NeoZeo and Stockholm University!
Dr. Zoltán Bacsik, Dr. Ocean Cheung, and Prof. Niklas Hedin from Stockholm University together with Dr. Petr Vasiliev , NeoZeo have a new insightful research piece on the Selective separation of CO2 and CH4 for biogas upgrading on zeolite NaKA and SAPO-56. This article will be published in the 162th Volume, January 2016 issue of Applied Energy Journal. Find more information on

NeoZeo is at Agritechnica 2015 Conference!
NeoZeo together with ED Biogas AB had insightful conversations with potential clients interested in biogas and biogas upgrading technology during the Agritechnica conference in Hannover, thanks to Grönovation!
Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
NeoZeo at Agritechnica 2015 Conference in Hannover, Germany

On the photograph: Urban Frendesson (on the left) and Ove Nyman (on the right) representing ED Biogas AB, and Petr Vasiliev (in the centre), the CEO of NeoZeo AB.


NeoZeo is coming to Germany!
NeoZeo will take part in Agritechnica - the world's leading international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment! Find us in Hall 3, stand E18 during 10th - 14th of November 2015 (with Preview Days 8th - 9th of November) in Hanover Messe, Germany. Looking forward to meeting you!
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It is an exciting time for NeoZeo and we’d like to share it with you all!
With lots of valuable experience, unique R&D outcomes and successful manufacturing works, NeoZeo has finalized the construction of its first full-scale Biogas Upgrading Module. Last week, NeoZeo’s team has moved the Module to a farm which has raw biogas production station in Vecsiljani, Latvia. It is a final stage where NeoZeo’s engineers and researchers have started testing the Biogas Upgrading Module with raw biogas straight from the station. Follow our progress and stay tuned here and on
NeoZeo' Biogas upgrading module at a farm


New NeoZeo website available!
Learn more about NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Modules, request Quotes, and contact us at our new website:


NeoZeo is set on penetrating new markets!
Read more about NeoZeo and India here.


NeoZeo is coming to India!
As part of the Swedish Delegation on Clean Technology sector, NeoZeo is going to visit India on May 20-27. Our schedule includes New Dehli during May 20-22, and is flexible onwards. If you are based in India and have interest in working with us, we will be glad to meet you!

Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Congratulations to Niklas Hedin on his new position as Editorial Board member at Applied Energy Journal (Elsevier).
Niklas Hedin is a co-founder of NeoZeo and a member of its Board of Directors.


Congratulations to Lennart Bergström on his new position as Chairman and Dean in Chemistry Section at Stockholm University.
Lennart Bergström is a co-founder of NeoZeo and a member of its Board of Directors.


Congratulations to Niklas Hedin on his promotion to full Professor in Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University. Niklas Hedin is a co-founder of NeoZeo and a member of its Board of Directors.


NeoZeo team wish you prosperous and successfull New Year!


NeoZeo has been invited to Swedish Clean Tech tour.
Meet NeoZeo in Zurich, Switzerland on 17-18 September .


Article about NeoZeo by Lisa at Lisa's enviromental blog (in Swedish).


NeoZeo has established cooperation project with WeSchool in India to evaluate market potential for biogas upgrading.


NeoZeo has been invited to participate in Innovation Accelerator. supported by Swedish Energy Agency.

Meet NeoZeo in India in April and October 2014.


NeoZeo has received VC investment from Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture Fund.

Riga, 7th of January, 2014. NeoZeo has received investment of €600,000 from Imprimatur Capital Technology Venture Fund in Latvia. NeoZeo develops small-scale raw biogas upgrading systems for farms and municipalities to convert raw biogas to pure biomethane for direct use as a vehicle fuel.

Renewable energy is becoming one of the fastest growing energy sources. The global raw biogas upgrading market is expected to reach $340 million by 2016 and with a compounded annual growth rate of 22%. However a major technical challenge for raw biogas upgrading is how to cost-efficiently utilize unexploited agricultural waste at the small and medium scale and turn it into pure biomethane.

NeoZeo, a spin-out from Stockholm University, has found a novel solution for solving that problem. The company has developed and patented a unique zeolite structured porous material and process for the effective separation of carbon dioxide and methane. The key commercial application is the small and medium scale upgrading or purification of raw biogas into cost-efficient green gas fuel for cars and buses. The new capital investment will finance the design, development and marketing of a commercial-scale biogas upgrading unit and enable initial sales in key target markets during 2014 and 2015.

Petr Vasiliev, Co-founder & CEO of NeoZeo stated that “The investment and Imprimatur Capital Fund Management team are essential to achieve NeoZeo’s targets to make the big step from prototype to commercial-scale to reach the biogas upgrading market and take a technological lead with our small-scale raw biogas upgrading solution for farms.”

Toby Moore, Managing Partner of Imprimatur Capital Fund Management in Latvia stated, “We have been impressed by the high technical competence of the NeoZeo team, the positive support of Stockholm University Innovation in the commercialisation of the technology and the strongly growing market in which NeoZeo operates and aims to become a leading player worldwide.”

read more about Imprimatur Capital Fund Management.
download pdf file of the press release

NeoZeo has joined a Competence center for development of novel adsorbents and it's tests for biogas upgrading.
NeoZeo is a member of "Competence centre of environment, bioenergy and biotechnologies", which has signed a contract with government Latvian agency "Investment and - Development Agency of Latvia" on implementing of the project "Competence centre of environment, bioenergy and biotechnologies".

NeoZeo AB and Vafab Miljö AB, Biogas Öst, Cortus AB, and JTI- institute has received 1.6 MEuro financial support from EU Life+ for Biogas XPOSE project, Sweden.

read more about Biogas XPOSE project.
read more about the Project at Europa.EU website
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read more news in Swedish Biogas XPOSE project.

NeoZeo has been invited to Swedish Cleantech tour. Meet us in Shanghai on 16th of May 2013.
read more on website of Swedish Cleantech Tour

NeoZeo has established cooperation agreement with Riga Technical University, Latvia to test NeoZeo's prototype of biogas upgrading module to produce biogas as vehicle fuel at farms.
read more about Riga Technical University.

NeoZeo has been invited to Swedish Cleantech tour. Meet us in Paris on 21st of March 2013.
read more on website of Swedish Cleantech Tour.

NeoZeo is going to Vietnam to present a new raw biogas upgrading module for farmers. Two trips are organised by Centec, Sida and Swedish Embassy in Vietnam. read
read more about Centec
read more about Sida - on Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.


NeoZeo has received planning Sida grant to establish cooperations and bring NeoZeo's biogas upgrading solution to Vietnamese market.

Planning Grant is provided from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) in order to enable NeoZeo to meet with partners in Vietnam and explore the possibilities of initiating a long term cooperation for biogas upgrading to produce biogas vehicle fuel.

NeoZeo has been nominated for Stockholm CleanTech prize.

read more about the Stockholm CleanTech Venture day 2012

NeoZeo has received VC investment from Imprimatur Capital Seed Fund.
NeoZeo has received a substantial amount of venture capital investment from imprimatur Capital, which is established in England, Latvia and New Zealand. NeoZeo will use the capital to develop its technology for biogas upgrading on small scale, which will help to produce more biogas fuel and expand biogas fuel usage.
Toby Moore and Petr Vasiliev

On the photograph from left: Toby Moore, Director, Imprimatur Capital, Baltic Sea Region and Petr Vasiliev, CEO, NeoZeo
read more about Imprimatur Capital Fund Management.

NeoZeo has established a new office in Riga, Latvia.

NeoZeo is selected as one of 25 Nordic Cleantech Superstars.
Read more about Nordic Clean Tech Open.
Read more about CleanTech Scandinavia.
Links: More about Superstars
PDF list of finalists
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NeoZeo has joined the Exselent center on Porous Materials at Stockholm University, Sweden.
From beginning of 2012, NeoZeo has joined the Berzelii center Exselent on Porous Materials to continue development of structured porous materials for gas separation applications.

read more about Exselent center on porous materials.

Professor Lennart Bergström is a recipient of the Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany.
The award is for outstanding academics at the peak of their careers. The award is intended as a lifelong tribute to the past academic accomplishments of award winners. Award winners are invited to spend a period of six to twelve months on academic collaboration with specialist colleagues in Germany. Professor Bergström will receive the award at a three day long ceremony in 2012. Value of the award is 60,000 EUR.
read more details about the award.

Development of structured materials for a gas separation application is funded by Research2Market.
Dr. Petr Vasiliev has been awarded funding from KTH Innovation funding program Research2Market. The money will fund market research and analysis of the regulatory requirements imposed on utilities.

more about R2M, KTH Innovation.

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