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NEOZEO provides new biogas upgrading equipment for the production of high value biomethane – a clean gas vehicle fuel – from raw biogas produced on farms or from municipal waste.

NeoZeo has developed several products (zeolite-based and nanoparticle-based products) based on NanoMonolith and Binderless technologies:

  • Zeolites for biogas upgrading and more specifically separation separation of methane and carbon dioxide
  • NeoZeM - Macroporous zeolite support/substrate for production of zeolite membranes

NeoZeo provides consulting in a wide range of material chemistry and gas separation applications, which includes design of structured porous materials for gas separation and catalytic.

Please follow the links in order to find out more about specific product of NeoZeo AB and NeoZeo SIA.

Biogas Upgrading Module

NeoZeo manufactures Modular Biogas Upgrading equipment for the production of high-value biomethane – clean gas vehicle fuel – from raw biogas produced on farms or from municipal waste.

Based on world class inventions in the preparation of durable adsorbent materials, NeoZeo has developed a cost-efficient upgrading solution to tap the great potential source of clean biogas fuel: farms and small towns - the biomethane gas wells of the future!

Raw biogas comprises a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), in addition to some other minor components such as H2O, H2S, and siloxanes. These other components can be removed by our equipment. NeoZeo's complete and integrated Biomethane Production solution includes: preconditioning of raw biogas: e.g. removal of impurities, droplets and siloxanes; desulphurisation; separation of CO2; separation of H2O; and distribution of pure biomethane to gas fuel stations.

NeoZeo biogas upgrading modules are suitable for small- and mid-sized flows of raw biogas produced on farms and in small towns and villages, where raw biogas flow is between 10 and 200 Nm3/hour . Larger biogas flows can be upgraded using NeoZeo' biogas upgrading design on a skid or utilizing more than one module. NeoZeo biogas purification process relies on uniquely-developed adsorbent materials and is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology principles that are particularly applicable to small-scale raw biogas producers - small agricultural enterprises and municipalities.

To learn more about NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Modules and request a Quote, please proceed to out new website:

NeoZeo Upgrading equipment has modular design and fits into a standard 20ft-long sea container. The Pressure Swing Adsorption unit is placed inside the container along with other functional parts of the module.

3D model of the biogas upgrading module:
3D cutaway model of the biogas upgrading module:
3D model of the Pressure Swing Adsorption unit:

Key benefits of NeoZeo Biogas Upgrading Module:

  • Enables value-added revenue generation from sale of pure biomethane as vehicle fuel
  • Generates a higher profit margin compared to selling biomethane-fuelled electricity
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Water-free upgrading process.
  • Mobility and security – all equipment for Biogas Upgrading is placed inside a 20’ standard sea container for easy transportation and equipment security.
  • Shorter return your investment compared to other biogas upgrading solutions.

BioMethane Web Platform

NeoZeo is involved in the project "BIOMETHANE WEB-PLATFORM TO FOSTER BIOMETHANE USAGE AS RENEWABLE VEHICLE FUEL" funded by VINNOVA under SIP PiiA – FUI-projekt våren 2017.


The Biomethane Web Platform project will aim to create a biomethane information and sales Web-Platform for biomethane producers together with an integrated User Application for biomethane end-users. This will allow the trading biomethane online in simple and cost efficient way.

Additionally, the web-platform will help to increase decentralized biomethane production and distribution as well as further simplify, support and encourage the use of biomethane as renewable vehicle fuel in Sweden. The web-platform will bring together

  • Local Biomethane Producers e.g. small and medium farms, waste management and water treatment companies
  • Biomethane End-users e.g. local taxi companies, municipal biogas bus fleets, municipal waste collection cars and trucks, and private owners of Compressed Biomethane Gas (CBG) vehicles
  • Biomethane Distributors

The web-platform will collect live data from all registered biomethane producers and biomethane distributors to offer a simple and seamless process to order specific quantities of biomethane at different locations.

The biomethane price will be analysed at different locations and an automatic offer will be generated to satisfy producers and end-users, possibly with the use of algorithmic pricing. Moreover, the system will measure and showcase the collective impact made by the platform players on Sweden’s environment via reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This project is funded under SIP PiiA – FUI-projekt våren 2017 by VINNOVA and will involve the collaboration of

Activated Carbon

NeoZeo is a trusted supplier of high-quality activated carbon for your needs.

Please contact NeoZeo for more information on activated carbon.

Structured powders

NeoZeo AB has developed technologies to structure porous and nano powders into porous bodies for gas separation, catalytic and medical applications.

The powders can be structured into pellets, cylinders and monoliths. The final products have a high mechanical stability and high porosity.

Following properties can be tuned to produce a required structured porous body:

  • Starting powder
  • Macropore median size
  • Micropore median size
  • Porosity
  • Mechanical stability

Please contact us with your specific requests.

The photograph shows zeolite structured porous bodies of different shapes and dimensions:


NeoZeo has two offices. One is in Stockholm, Sweden for NeoZeo AB and second is in Riga, Latvia for "NeoZeo" SIA

NeoZeo is a progressive company, offering consulting in range of material chemistry and gas separation.

Our team consists of international experts. We can solve your problem, based on a deep and fundamental understanding of the various technologies, processes and materials. We provide cutting-edge solutions in gas separation, nanoparticles, dispersions and material processing.

NeoZeo provides on request basic expertise for gas separation applications to achieve the best technical solutions.

NeoZeo maintains a close relationship with manufacturers of Zeolitic Molecular Sieves (ZMS). We can supply different adsorbent materials in combination with know-how and expertise.

Do you have a high-tech solution/idea but luck specific expertise?

Do you have a specific inquiry from your partner or customer in a research or scientific area?

Do you want to find a market solution for your problem?

Contact us, we will meet your needs!!!

Stable Isotopes

NeoZeo supports "BuyIsotope".

BuyIsotope focuses on distribution and sales of stable isotopes. BuyIsotope provides high quality stable isotopes worldwide at low prices. The low price is achieved by a complete production cycle using gas centrifuge enrichment technology and smart logistics.

Below is a short list of 95 stable isotopes provided by BuyIsotope (Stable isotopes are enriched by gas centrifuge technology):

Argon stable isotopes: Argon 36, Argon 38, Argon 40; Tungsten stable isotopes: Tungsten 180, Tungsten 182, Tungsten 183, Tungsten 184, Tungsten 186; Germanium stable isotopes: Germanium 70, Germanium 72, Germanium 73, Germanium 74, Germanium 76; Iron stable isotopes: Iron 54, Iron 56, Iron 57, Iron 58, Iron 58; Iridium stable isotopes: Iridium 191, Iridium 193; Cadmium stable isotopes: Cadmium 106, Cadmium 108, Cadmium 110, Cadmium 111, Cadmium 112, Cadmium 113 Cadmium 114, Cadmium 116; Silicon stable isotopes: Silicon-29, Silicon 29, Silicon 28, Silicon 30; Krypton stable isotopes: Krypton 78, Krypton 80, Krypton 82, Krypton 83, Krypton 84, Krypton 86; Xenon stable isotopes: Xenon 124, Xenon 126, Xenon 128, Xenon 129, Xenon 130, Xenon 131, Xenon 132, Xenon 134, Xenon 136; Molybdenum stable isotopes: Molybdenum 92, Molybdenum 94, Molybdenum 95, Molybdenum 97, Molybdenum 98, Molybdenum 100; Nickel stable isotopes: Nickel 58, Nickel 60, Nickel 61, Nickel 62, Nickel 64; Tin stable isotopes: Tin 112, Tin 116, Tin 124; Osmium stable isotopes: Osmium 184, Osmium 186, Osmium 187, Osmium 188, Osmium 189, Osmium 190, Osmium 192; Lead stable isotopes: Lead 204, Lead 206, Lead 207, Lead 208; Selenium stable isotopes: Selenium 76, Selenium 77, Selenium 78, Selenium 80, Selenium 82; Sulfur stable isotopes: Sulfur 32, Sulfur 33, Sulfur 34, Sulfur 36; Tellurium stable isotopes: Tellurium 120, Tellurium 122, Tellurium 123, Tellurium 124, Tellurium 125, Tellurium 126, Tellurium 128, Tellurium 130; Carbon stable isotopes: Carbon 13; Zinc stable isotopes: Zinc 64, Zinc 66, Zinc 67, Zinc 68, Zinc 70.

You are welcome to visit the BuyIsotope website! Other stable isotopes are available on request.


Contact us to discuss potential capital and operational costs of Biogas Upgrading Modules based on financing alternatives and raw biogas characteristics.